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"The Answer Is In Our DNA" Update from Toronto


June 4, 2015

‘The Answer Is In Our DNA’


McNamaraKateZCCMeetGreetWe recently caught up with
CCCF Research Fellow Kate McNamara and asked her to tell us why her work is important, worth the effort and worth your very generous support.  This is what she had to say.


“What I think about is a billboard hanging outside of Princess Margaret Cancer Centre that reads … 'The answer is in DNA'. You see … even cancers related to environmental exposures develop in the context of genetic susceptibility and genetic events. The science of analyzing the human genome is rapidly evolving and is allowing us to better understand cancer development and how to effectively screen and treat so as to save lives. Toronto and other elite cancer centers are pioneering this science but this is possible only with funding support and the efforts of clinicians, scientists, support staff, investors, and all persons contributing to the cause in any way.”


We couldn’t agree more and with your help we can fund Kate’s work for another successful year. To learn more about Kate and the incredible team at the Zane Cohen Centre for Digestive Diseases (ZCC) take a look at their spring newsletter.







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