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Summer Time, Family Time

Summer Time, Family Time

For many of us, warm weather means we can get out with our families on a weekend trip or for a family reunion. That is the perfect chance to do a family health history run down!

We know you’ve heard it before. It’s important to know your family health history, and not just because of colorectal cancer. While you should be getting screened earlier and more often if you have a history, many other diseases can be prevented or treated better when caught early.

And it’s hard to remember when Uncle Joe got diagnosed when it’s not discussed or written down.

So we’ve created these great family health tree charts for you to fill out. It will only take a few minutes the next time everyone is together, and it will make it easier the next time you fill out forms at the doctor or need to discuss a specific concern.

Even better, we’ve also translated the health tree into Chinese! A Spanish translation will be available shortly.  We want to get the message out to as many people as possible, so please pass this along to anyone who can use it.

PDF Downlads 

Family Health History - English

Family Health History - Chinese

Family Health History - Spanish

Dave Barry Talks Colonoscopes With His Doctor

DaveBarryColonoscopyDave Barry Talks Colonoscopies with His Doctor

Many of you may have seen humorist Dave Barry’s column on getting his colonoscopy. At age 60, he’d never had one because, as he put it, he didn’t “want a doctor to stick a tube 17,000 feet up his butt.” Then he got an email from his brother.

His brother, in for routine colonoscopy, was diagnosed with very early stage cancer. His doctor said to make sure his siblings went in for a colonoscopy too. Sufficiently guilt tripped, Dave went in for his visit.

A few years later, Dave and his doc reunited for a video talking about colonoscopies. If you were nervous about getting a colonoscopy, Dr. Andy Sable walks you through the process, aided by Dave’s comedic asides. You can see the equipment and learn every step of the process. And if you were curious, around 7 ½ minutes into the video, Dr. Sable talks about some of the non-poop related items he’s discovered during a colonoscopy.

So take the mystery out of colonoscopies while getting a laugh. Please take Dave’s advice and don’t delay getting your colonoscopy!  Video Link







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