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C5 Awards CCCF Founder Excellence in Leadership Award


C5 Awards Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation (CCCF)
Founder Excellence in Leadership Award


New York City – July 15, 2013The New York Citywide Colon Cancer Control Coalition (C5) awarded Dr. Thomas K. Weber, M.D., FACS, the Excellence in Leadership Award at the 8th Annual C5 Summit for his dedication to generating awareness, promoting prevention and raising research funds to eradicate colorectal cancer.

Weber, a former C5 co-chair, is professor of surgery at the State University of New York at Downstate, chief of surgery at the Department of Veterans Affairs New York Harbor Healthcare System, Brooklyn Campus, and founder of the Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation (CCCF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing colorectal cancer incidences and deaths throughout the United States.


“C5 was honored to recognize and thank Dr. Weber for his outstanding leadership and contribution to NYC’s colon cancer control efforts,” said Mari Carlesimo, cancer program director at C5. “As co-chair of the Coalition for nine years, he was critical to its development and achievements.”

CCCF raises awareness and funds for colorectal cancer research through its wide network of supporters and annual events, including the Colon Cancer Challenge, a walking and running event held in Central Park every year. Through his work with the Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation, Dr. Weber has had a huge impact on educating people about colorectal cancer and raising funds to find better treatments and cures. 


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